Gong Bath (7-9pm) /Kundalini Yoga (5-6.30pm) Workshop Friday 25th July

A new addition to our monthly gong bath. This time, you have the option of coming to an earlier Kundalini yoga session at 5pm too.

Kundalini Yoga Class

The class will be held from 5.00pm – 6.30pm with a short break before the gong bath for those who are attending both, and to allow those who are only coming for the Gong Bath to arrive and settle in.
The Gong Bath will be from 7.00pm – 9.00pm
Both sessions £20.00 or £10.00 for one or the other    

tanya gong

Gong Bath

Join us for a relaxing and restorative gong bath. we will lead you into a deep meditation which will allow the vibrations of the Gong to restore vibrant health and  help to realign and re-energize you at a cellular level.
The gong bath will run after the Kundalin yoga class so if you are coming to just the Gong session then please turn up promptly by 7pm and we will be ending at around 9pm
The Investment for the Gong Bath  is £10.00

Book either or both sessions by calling the centre on 01242 584140. Advance payment is needed to secure your place.



Mindfulness Course – 5th August

New Mindfulness Course – enrolling now!

David Behrens, our homeopath, is running a new 3 week meditation course starting on both August 5th and September 9th, 10.30-11.30am.

David has 27 years experience living and teaching Mindfulness Meditation & Yoga in India. He is also a regular course teacher for the NHS Recovery Colleges for Mental Health in Gloucestershire.

Book by ringing the centre on 01242 584140. £50 for the whole course or £25 for one to one sessions.



Free homeopathy drop in clinic – 1st July 2014

Homeopaths, David and Kajta Behrens, are offering a free homeopathic drop in clinic on 1st July 10.30-12.30. No need to book, just turn up!

The focus on the first clinic will be stress related illnesses.

  • Enjoy a free 15 min homeopathic evaluation to recognize the stress points in your life and a beginning treatment plan
  • Discover a holistic and personal approach to stress…which is safe, gentle and effective.
  • Watch a short video presentation and learn how  stress can begin to work the way it is supposed to: stimulating the person’s desire to have a great life and face challenges.


Myofascial Release (MFR) comes to Cheltenham

We are delighted to welcome a new therapy to Cheltenham, myofascial release therapy with therapist, Jenna Hammond.

A little from Jenna about this wonderful therapy:

“Our life experiences such as accidents, injuries, illness and other life stress issues can form Myofascial Restrictions manifesting themselves as painful and, sometimes, distressing symptoms which can be relieved by Myofascial Release (MFR) Treatment Therapy.

MFR Therapy is not massage nor is it an invasive, surgical procedure. It is a highly specialised hands-on treatment therapy which is safe, gentle and very effective. MFR Therapy regards you as a unique individual.

MFR Therapy is a complete treatment therapy which continuously views and assesses your whole body and mind Myofascial System. It identifies, addresses, treats and simultaneously resolves both your symptoms and the associated root cause(s).”

She is offering a introductory rate of 75 minute treatment for £50 (saving £75) for a Fascia Assessment and Initial Treatment.

See her website for more information:










New Beginners’ Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga – Monday 10am

We are very excited to have a new yoga class starting on Monday morning at 10am.

Katie is a qualified yoga teacher, teaching a vinyasa style of yoga with a focus on core body strength and alignment.

Having practiced for over 15 years in the styles of hatha, astanga and yin, Katie now builds her knowledge through teaching others and practicing with yoga teachers of differing styles.

Katie has a dedicated daily yoga practice that includes asana, meditation and pranayama.  She continues to practice with a variety of yoga teachers in the UK and Europe

Classes focus on alignment, core body engagement and the use of the breath. Key poses are introduced before flow vinyasa work is introduced.

See her website for a bit more information:


Classes are £7. Book on reception on 01242 584140.


Ultrasound scanning – Babybond at CHHC

We can officially announce that Babybond & Ultrasound Direct Southwest part of the Babybond group will be opening their first clinic in Gloucestershire from the centre on Monday 24th February 2014.

Private ultrasound scanning for pregnancy, women and men’s health.

See more, and book directly, on their website.
They’ll be here every Monday between 10.30-4.30pm.