Cathy Baynes

Cathy has a Diploma in Pilates and is a Level 3 Instructor.

Cathy is dedicated to improving your quality of life, giving you time and caring guidance in her pilates sessions with honesty and compassion at the very heart of her business.

Cathy discovered the benefits of practicing Pilates through her rehabilitation from a freak riding accident several years ago which resulted in multiple fractures to her spine and foot. This has led her to having a special interest in helping others on their road to recovery from illness and injury. Not only the physical progression involved in this process, but also in the development of the mental strength required to work alongside the adjustments that need to be made during the rehabilitation process.

“Sport has always been a part of my life, from playing hockey at county level, various equine events through to involvement as a coach and fitness advisor to our son in a decade of motor sport! The same fundamentals of core strength and stability apply. We are all made of flesh and blood and the importance of maintaining physical and mental wellbeing should never be under-estimated”.

Fees: £34.00 for a four session block or £9.50 per session. Individual sessions from £35.00

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