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Counselling and Psychotherapy cheltenham“The process of good psychotherapy can help people to deal with their emotional or psychological problems and live more satisfying  and fulfilling lives”

Psychotherapy is a formal and professional relationship where people can explore difficult, and often painful, emotions and experiences. There is lots of evidence that psychotherapy is an extremely effective process (Wampold et al 1997). It aims are to understand and reach underlying causes of distress. It provides a safe and confidential environment where exploration and interaction with the therapist can lead to a new awareness.

It can help bring about changes in negative and destructive behaviour that can lead to more positive and creative ways of being. By exploring ideas together and being curious about the way we behave and what lays behind it, the process of good psychotherapy can help people to deal with their emotional or psychological problems and live more satisfying and fulfilling lives.

Who uses psychotherapy?

People use psychotherapy for a number of different reasons. Some people may be facing personal difficulties such as relationship or parenting difficulties, bereavement, loss or separation, stress or experiencing symptoms such as anxiety or panic attacks. Some people may wish to deal with eating disorders, addiction, anger or depression, others may wish to be proactive in the way they attempt to manage their emotional life and personal development and use psychotherapy to do this.

Psychotherapy or Counselling?

There is a lot of discussion going on about the difference between psychotherapy and counselling right now. Broadly speaking psychotherapy is more of a long-term venture that might go into problems in greater depth, it might also pay greater attention to the dynamics that develop between the therapist and client. Its aims are to facilitate fundamental changes within the whole of the person. Counselling tends to be shorter term and focuses on the resolution of a specific issue or immediate crisis. Of course there are plenty of similarities and cross over points between the two disciplines.


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    Lisa began her training 10 years ago at the Institute for Art in Therapy in Education in London where she gained a Post Graduate Certificate in the application of Arts in therapy.  She has since had two children and is now in the advanced stages of training completing her MA in Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy and accreditation with UKCP at the Bath Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy (bcpc).

    She has been developing her private practice at CHHC over the past eighteen months and has worked on placement in the NHS in Worcestershire offering psychotherapy to patients referred to the perinatal psychiatric service gaining valuable experience working with mothers of infants and young children, who were suffering from depression and anxiety. She also worked with the generic mental health team with outpatients and in patients on the acute ward.

  • Initial consultation

    This is the first face to face meeting between Lisa and a client and usually takes a little longer than the usual weekly session. It is a good opportunity to meet and experience what it is like being together in the therapy room. It is a good chance to feel what it might be like to work together and whether this approach is the most appropriate way forward before a commitment is made to continue with future sessions.

    Ongoing sessions

    Psychotherapy is usually long term to enable the relationship between the client and therapist to evolve and for the client to benefit from a deeper understanding of underlying issues and stimulate a catalyst for change and transformation. Lisa offers clients regular weekly psychotherapy sessions at consulting rooms at Cheltenham Holistic Health Centre. These sessions last for 50 minutes but are not usually time limited over a specific period. Each client will make an individual agreement with Lisa regarding the timing, duration and cost of sessions.


    Endings are important, having different meanings for different people. They also take place for many reasons and this may not be because something has resolved and sometimes the desire to end the therapeutic relationship may be due to the challenging nature of feelings and issues arising in the process of therapy. A discussion about the need or desire to end will always be encouraged in advance and where necessary appropriate referrals may be made.

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    For an appointment please call reception on 01242 584140.

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    First Consultation£60(75 mins)
    Further Consultations£45(50 mins)