Free homeopathy drop in clinic – 1st July 2014

Homeopaths, David and Kajta Behrens, are offering a free homeopathic drop in clinic on 1st July 10.30-12.30. No need to book, just turn up!

The focus on the first clinic will be stress related illnesses.

  • Enjoy a free 15 min homeopathic evaluation to recognize the stress points in your life and a beginning treatment plan
  • Discover a holistic and personal approach to stress…which is safe, gentle and effective.
  • Watch a short video presentation and learn how  stress can begin to work the way it is supposed to: stimulating the person’s desire to have a great life and face challenges.

New Beginners’ Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga – Monday 10am

We are very excited to have a new yoga class starting on Monday morning at 10am.

Katie is a qualified yoga teacher, teaching a vinyasa style of yoga with a focus on core body strength and alignment.

Having practiced for over 15 years in the styles of hatha, astanga and yin, Katie now builds her knowledge through teaching others and practicing with yoga teachers of differing styles.

Katie has a dedicated daily yoga practice that includes asana, meditation and pranayama.  She continues to practice with a variety of yoga teachers in the UK and Europe

Classes focus on alignment, core body engagement and the use of the breath. Key poses are introduced before flow vinyasa work is introduced.

See her website for a bit more information:

Classes are £7. Book on reception on 01242 584140.


Introduction to Kundalini Yoga Workshop – 13th April 2014 1.00-4.00pm

John and Tanya will be holding an ‘Introduction To Kundalini Yoga’ workshop on Sunday 13th April from 1.00-4.00pm.

Details about the workshop:

We would like to offer those of you who are interested, a three hour introduction to the magic of kundalini yoga, within this workshop we will be talking a little about the background of kundalini yoga, some of it’s basic traditions and why we still use them today.
The workshop will also include some basic kundalini yoga kriyas and meditations, which will also be explained as we do them. This is meant to be an introduction  to Kundalini yoga so that you may experience first hand the benefits of this age old technique of awakening the soul and it’s true purpose.
Kundalini Yoga is a technology of human consciousness enabling you to begin to understand your existence in relationship to the universe, understanding the nature of who you really are. If you think you might be interested in this workshop you are ready for kundalini yoga. The benefits of Kundalini yoga are many. The only thing that will stop you from reaping the benefits from this practice is your mind, so let go of the mind, and allow the soul to enjoy it’s journey here on earth. We look forward to your arrival.
Sat Nam
(I am truth, truth is my destiny)

Investment for this workshop :


Book by calling CHHC on 01242 584140. For more information on the workshop, please email or call 01452 760978.

tanya gong


Gong Bath – Friday 29th November 2013

Following on from the success of the last Friday Gong Bath, another will be held on Friday 29th November. Time: arrive at 7pm for a 7.30pm start-9pm.

Investment: £10.

This time, John will be playing a new gong, Pluto. The character of Pluto is for transformation, bringing growth and transcendence through conflict. It is said to break down the old and entrenched into its component parts only to reassemble them on a new higher octave.

Book by calling CHHC on 01242 584140.

For more information, please call John on 01452 760978.


Meditation Weekend – 12/13th July 2014

Transcendental Meditation (TM) workshop weekend 12/13th July 2014meditating

Transcendental Meditation was brought from India to the West in 1959 by the revolutionary meditation teacher Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.   Although it may sound like a complex technique to learn, TM is actually simple, natural and effortless to practice.  It’s also very easy and enjoyable to learn.  You don’t need to be in the mood for TM in order to meditate and feel its benefits.  You don’t need to be experienced in other meditation techniques or spiritual practices, no concentration or visualisation is necessary, you don’t need to sit in a yoga posture to meditate, you don’t even need to be in a silent place; all you need is somewhere to sit comfortably for 15-20 minutes – even a train, bus, plane, park bench – and you can enjoy TM!

Learned by more than 6 million people worldwide, 650 scientific research studies on TM show benefits such as improved sleep, improved memory, concentration and energy, reduced anxiety and depression, clearer thinking and reduced use of alcohol and tobacco.It’s taught in 4 sessions over a weekend and the first course at CHHC begins on Saturday 12th July.  The Saturday session is a one-to-one personal instruction which lasts for about and hour. You’ll be shown how to meditate and have the opportunity to experience TM straight away.  Then you’re asked to meditate at home and come back on Sunday 13th for two group sessions: the first from 10am-12pm and the second from 4pm-6:30pm.  In these sessions you’ll learn more about how the technique works and also discover how to know if you’re meditating correctly.  We then have a follow-up session two weeks later on Sunday 27th July from 10am-12pm.  This is a refresher session and an opportunity to share your experiences and learn more about how to get the most out of TM.  There are also group meditations at these sessions which are hugely enjoyable.

The course is offered by The Meditation Trust charity whose group of fully qualified, highly experienced and enthusiastic teachers offer expert instruction in this simple, effortless meditation.  Our teacher for the Cheltenham area learned TM 29 years ago, qualified as a teacher 23 years ago and has individually taught 1000 people this remarkable meditation technique.

Once you’ve completed these sessions you’ll have a valuable skill that lasts for life!

For more information about the weekend, please see:

Free information and introductory pack available from The Meditation Trust charity on 01843 841010,

Gong bath – Friday 11th October

A ‘gong bath’ will be held on Friday 11th October. Arrive at 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start. Then 1.5 hours of guided meditation and relaxing sound.It’s just £10 but you really must book ahead as spaces are limited, call the centre on 01242 584140 to reserve.John Carter will be running the workshop. See his website for further details of this holistic sound healing.

Core Fire: Awaken, Generate, Revitalise™ – Saturday 11th May


An Arica training by Oscar Ichazo.

Presented by Integral View.

The Core Fire: Awaken • Generate • Revitalize training is a day of awakening, generating and revitalizing oneself with the Kath Energy (chi ) of our Core Fire. With Kath Energy first being awakened in the Kath and expanding out into the core area of the body, then the entire body will actually experience the inner fire or chi of the Kath point with this awareness in a direct and alive way.

The training is open to everyone, with no prerequisites, presenting a systematic awakening of our Kath Energy across a series of exercises that open a way to experience, embody and generate this energy. When Kath Energy is fully awakened, we are able to revitalize ourselves with the heightened awareness of the Kath. At the end of the day, two meditations will close the Work, and with generated Kath Energy, we will enter the Higher States produced by this Work. The training will be easily assimilated by seasoned practitioners and new participants alike.

Date: 11 May 2013

Hours: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Location: Cheltenham Holistic Centre, England

Contact: 44/(0)1435 884-551

Some partial scholarships may be available.


  • Arica Members First Time – £75
  • Arica Members Repeat – £35
  • Non-members First Time – £95
  • Non-Members Repeat – £50

To register, please go to:


Copyright 2013, 1972 Oscar Ichazo. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

Arica is a registered trademark of Oscar Ichazo; Core Fire: Awaken Generate Revitalize, Kath and Flaming Violet Pearl illustration are trademarks of Oscar Ichazo.