Myofascial Release (MFR) comes to Cheltenham

We are delighted to welcome a new therapy to Cheltenham, myofascial release therapy with therapist, Jenna Hammond.

A little from Jenna about this wonderful therapy:

“Our life experiences such as accidents, injuries, illness and other life stress issues can form Myofascial Restrictions manifesting themselves as painful and, sometimes, distressing symptoms which can be relieved by Myofascial Release (MFR) Treatment Therapy.

MFR Therapy is not massage nor is it an invasive, surgical procedure. It is a highly specialised hands-on treatment therapy which is safe, gentle and very effective. MFR Therapy regards you as a unique individual.

MFR Therapy is a complete treatment therapy which continuously views and assesses your whole body and mind Myofascial System. It identifies, addresses, treats and simultaneously resolves both your symptoms and the associated root cause(s).”

She is offering a introductory rate of 75 minute treatment for £50 (saving £75) for a Fascia Assessment and Initial Treatment.

See her website for more information:









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