Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a subtle and profound method of healing, which is attracting increasing interest for its gentle, effective approach. It developed through the work of an American Osteopath, Dr. William Sutherland. He found subtle, intrinsic movements and rhythms in the body that he concluded were deeply linked with mental, emotional and physical health, and he thought that restrictions in these movements were related to a reduction of the body’s natural capacity to self-heal.

The treatment involves light and gentle hand contact on the body whilst lying fully-clothed on a treatment couch. Most clients find the effects are deeply relaxing, with benefits that continue for longer with successive treatments.


John Underhill BSc RSCT

John joined Cheltenham Holistic Health Centre in 1986 as an Alexander Technique practitioner, having previously had a career as a science teacher in Secondary and Further Education.

After three years he decided to add to that experience and train in Craniosacral Therapy. Since then he has undertaken a good deal of further study. He is particularly interested in the resolution of the affects of stress, shock, injury and trauma.

As an Alexander Teacher he has had a lot of experience of working with musicians, particularly singers.


The focus of his work in both disciplines is on helping people to find what they want, rather than treating ‘conditions’. Since no two people are alike, his approach is always directed towards helping the individual in whatever way seem most appropriate and useful, and towards finding ways of enabling people to help themselves.

Working Days: Wednesday, Friday



First Consultation: Adult £35 (45 mins.)
£28 (45 mins.)
Further Consultations:



Jane Aucott MAR ART (Reg’d) RCST


Jane has graduated from the Institute of Craniosacral studies, and also practises reflexology and hopi ear candling at the CHHC. She is a member of the Cranio Sacral Association.


Working Days: Monday, Friday




First Consultation: Adult £35 (45 mins.)

Child £35

Further Consultations: Adult £35

Child £30

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