Welcome back, butter!

Welcome back, butter!


CHHC’s expert nutritionist team Sally Whitman and Marianne Andrews have welcomed last month’s further confirmation that it has always been OK to eat butter and that moderate consumption of this tasty energy source does not increase heart disease risk.



Sally commented, “Nutritionists have been saying this for a long time. As long as you careful about your overall consumption of saturated fat, butter is a healthy and delicious choice. Obviously if you or your child needs to lose weight, you have to watch the amount of butter because it is high in calories. So don’t do what my kid brother did – put the butter in the fridge overnight so he could have a slice of butter on his slice of toast!”

“Nowadays thankfully many margarines no longer contain trans fats and may be fortified with vitamins and cholesterol-lowering plant sterols. However, butter, like coconut oil, naturally contains important nutrients, in butter’s case vitamin D as well as butyric acid, a vital fuel for the colon cells. And it seems that many people who are intolerant of lactose and/or dairy have no problem with butter. So this announcement is great cause for celebration and long overdue!”

“Finally, to have a good intake of healthy fats, don’t forget your nutrient-dense nuts and seeds – daily but again in moderation. A recent study has found that a daily handful cuts the risk of death from all diseases by 20%!”

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