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Nutritional Therapy cheltenham chhcWhy should you choose nutritional therapy?

Every one of your organs and body systems depends upon getting the right raw materials in the form of nutrients to be able to work properly.  Day-to-day health problems such as constant tiredness and IBS, as well as many chronic and degenerative diseases, can be traced back to poor nutrient intake.  Government studies show that nutrient deficiency is now common, even among those who think they eat a so-called ‘balanced’ diet.

How does nutritional therapy work?

Therapists look at your diet, health profile and lifestyle, to identify likely nutrient deficiencies, which may be causing any problems you are having.  They focus on you as an individual since we are all biochemically different, and our need for nutrients differs, as does our response to certain foods.  So therapists would look not only at the content of your daily diet, but also at other factors which may be interfering with your ability to use nutrients, such as poor digestion, toxicity or a sluggish metabolism. The aim is to identify and tackle the underlying causes of your problems rather than simply give short-term relief.  That’s why a visit to an experienced nutritionist can put you on the path to long-term good health!

What happens in a nutrition consultation?

Before your first visit, you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire giving details of your current diet, lifestyle, health history and symptoms. After discussion of these, the therapist will explain what is likely to be causing your health problems and which nutrients need to be boosted in your diet. You will be given written recommendations on both changes to your diet and any supplements, which may be helpful to provide an initial boost to your energy and the process of repair.  If necessary, it may be suggested that one or more diagnostic tests will be carried out by a laboratory (see Clinical Tests).

What is the duration and frequency of the consultations?

The first consultation normally takes up to 70 minutes.  A second appointment lasting 40 minutes usually follows after two or three weeks, with further consultations as necessary.

What can I expect?

Improvements can be quite widespread.  Some initial improvements can be very swift, with deep-seated problems sometimes taking a few months.  Some of the common benefits people experience include more energy, fewer colds and flus, better digestion, weight loss, more balanced moods and better skin, hair and nail condition!

Client support

Ongoing (free) telephone and email support is provided between consultations.

Food preparation support

To support better nutrition at home, advice is given on nutritionist- recommended cookbooks, juicers and water filters.


Marianne Andrews

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  • Marianne Andrews-Nutrition-CHHC-CheltenhamMarianne Andrews is a qualified Nutritional Therapist offering consultations on a one to one basis, to give you the best and most effective nutritional programme to suit you. Marianne’s interest in nutrition initially began because of chronic family illness. Realising the power of food, she then used it to good effect when faced with her young son’s allergies.  She has gone on to study with Premier Training to become a BANT recognised fully qualified Nutritional Therapist.

    The focus of Nutritional Therapy is the adaption of an individual diet & lifestyle with the aim of achieving better health, and with it a greater sense of well-being. Nutritional Therapy may compliment conventional treatments. Whilst it is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment, improved nutrition can help to build the body’s natural strength and resistance to aid many conditions.

    Good nutrition is a sound basis for optimum health – we are, afterall, what we eat, digest & absorb.



  • Working days: Tuesday afternoon, Friday
  • Nutritional Therapy  
    First Consultation:£65(90 minutes)
    Further Consultations:£45(60 minutes)


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