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Why should you choose nutritional therapy?

Every one of your organs and body systems depends upon getting the right raw materials in the form of nutrients to be able to work properly.  Day-to-day health problems such as lack of energy and IBS, hormonal imbalances, as well as many chronic and degenerative diseases, can be traced back to poor nutrient intake.  Government studies show that nutrient deficiency is now common, even among those who think they eat a so-called ‘balanced’ diet.

How does nutritional therapy work?

Therapists look at your diet, health profile and lifestyle, to identify likely nutrient deficiencies, which may be causing any problems you are having.  They focus on you as an individual since we are all biochemically different, and our need for nutrients differs, as does our response to certain foods.  Therapists look at the content of your daily diet, and at other factors which may be interfering with your ability to use nutrients, such as poor digestion, toxicity or a sluggish metabolism. The aim is to identify and tackle the underlying causes of your problems rather than simply give short-term relief.  That’s why a visit to an experienced nutritionist can put you on the path to long-term good health!

What happens in a nutrition consultation?

Every programme is bespoke.  An initial consultation begins with a detailed look at your medical, diet and lifestyle history.  The Nutritional Therapist will then explain what is likely to be causing your health problems and explain the protocol for helping you to move forward with your health goals.  If necessary, it may be suggested that one or more diagnostic tests will be carried out by a laboratory (see Clinical Tests).

Once on a nutritional programme, then the support will comprise of a nutritional health plan, recipes, handouts, and full support between consultation, giving you the best chance of success to reach your health goals.

What is the duration and frequency of the consultations?

The first consultation normally takes up to 90 minutes.   The necessary level of support that is necessary for you will be discussed at the consultation, which can be monthly, fortnightly or weekly, depending on your need.  If you have been suffering for many months or years’ then it is likely that you will need the guidance of a nutritional professional to change habits and so to benefit most greatly from nutritional therapy.

What can I expect?

Common benefits people experience include more energy, improved immune system with fewer colds and flus, better digestion, weight loss, more balanced moods and better skin, hair and nail condition.


Marianne Andrews

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    Marianne Andrews is a qualified Nutritional Therapist offering consultations on a one to one basis, to give you the best and most effective nutritional programme to suit you.   Marianne specialises in helping mid-lifers who are struggling with energy levels, menopausal symptoms, digestive issues and weight control.  She passionately believes in helping us all to be the best that we can be with the benefit of good nutrition.

    Marianne offers a free 20 minute Discovery Call so that you can discuss where your health is now and where you would like it to be.

    Recent testimonial – Sue Millington.

    “Thank you for all your good ideas I went for my latest review today and my blood sugar is now down from 55 to 48!  My weight has dropped a little, blood pressure is fine….Thank you Marianne, I am so glad I sought your help and will continue to follow my new regime. I feel terrific physically and now emotionally as well.”



  • Working days: Tuesday afternoon, Friday
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    Consultations from £90(90 minutes)


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