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Intraceuticals Oxygen Hydro Infusion 

The Intraceuticals ® Topical Hyperbaric Oxygen System uses therapeutic oxygen under hyperbaric pressure to infuse a special serum of low weight hyaluronic acid, essential vitamins, botanicals, antioxidants and amino peptides to the skin. This drastically rehydrates and plumps the skin with instant visible results, and provides an immediate increase in skin radiance and glow.

Intraceuticals Oxygen Hydro Double Infusion 

Choose between the following 
Rejuvenate Infusion: Hydrate Lift Tighten
Opulence Infusion: Brighten Balance Smooth
Clarity Infusion: Clear Refine Calm
Atoxelene Infusion: Smooth Hold Prevent

Dermalux LED Light Therapy stand alone
Non-invasive red LED rejuvenates and heals the skin, infrared increases cell energy and collagen production to counteract ageing and skin damage, and anti-bacterial blue LED helps acne-prone skin. Combine these revolutionary light technologies for ultimate results.


Lux and Light Facial 

A beautifully relaxing and soothing facial that leaves your skin looking and feeling smoother, brighter and refreshed. Combines deep cleansing, lymphatic drainage, a light enzyme peel, antioxidant rich SCA-PRO growth factor ampoule, hands on massage and Dermalux light therapy for accelerated skin healing and glow.

Lux, Light and Luminous Facial 
Taking the Luxe and Light facial to the next level by adding a stress – relieving head and scalp massage to the menu. The placement of electrical InterX pads to further promote a state of deep relaxation is optional.

eDS Medical Microneedling

Designed to stimulate your skin encouraging smoother brighter and healthier looking skin, Also known as collagen induction therapy, it works by intentionally creating tiny little ‘wounds’ in the skin’s surface to regenerate and repair itself naturally by producing new collagen and skin cells. The procedure involves no heat, injections or laser and is considered very safe and adopts a natural approach to work in harmony with the body’s own processes.

A course of three treatments is highly recommended.

There are two eDS treatments to choose from:
eDS Revitalise which uses shorter needle lengths to target the top layer of skin leaving it plumper with fewer lines, brighter and smoother with an improved texture.
eDS Regenerate a more intensive treatment using longer needle lengths to leave skin tighter and firmer with fewer lines and wrinkles, brighter with improved luminosity and reduced pigmentation. Improves the appearance of acne scars and stretch marks.

Claudia Ehler

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  • Claudia is an advanced facial skincare practitioner with 20 years of experience.

    ITEC and industry trained in all aspects of Beauty therapy, massage as well as some complementary therapies, Claudia is passionate about helping women age well, feeling happy and healthy in their own skin and appearance.

    Specialising in skin rejuvenation and collagen induction therapies, Claudia is offering a range of results-driven treatments combining scientifically proven methods, cutting-edge technologies and hand-picked skincare products to help you reach your skin goals. Claudia’s empathic nature, understanding and intuitive touch means no two facial treatments are the same but completely bespoke to your needs and what arises during treatment.

    Claudia is also a scaravelli-inspired yoga teacher and has many years of experience working with the elderly and supporting people with dementia.

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  • Facials and Skin Care
    Intraceuticals Oxygen Hydra Infusion/ Double Infusion60 mins/75 mins£125/£165
    Three course pack (incl £100 worth of HA layering products)£375
    Six course pack (incl £250 worth of HA layering products)£750
    Luxe and Light Facial 60 mins£75
    Luxe, Light & Luminous Facial75 mins£98
    Dermalux LED therapy stand alone30 mins£30
    Course of 6 LED stand-alone treatments over 3 weeks£160
    Course of 12 LED stand-alone treatments over 6 weeks£295
    eDS Microneedling Revitalise 60 mins£125
    eDS Microneedling Revitalise Course of three £350
    eDS Microneedling Regenerate 75 mins£185
    eDS Microneedling Regenerate Course of three£525

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