Classes & Workshops

Classes and Workshops

MondayCore Strength Vinyasa Yoga (Katie)
£8 (course of 10)
£10 drop in
Vini/Vinyasa Krama Yoga (Charles)
£8.50 (course of 6)
TuesdayWomen's Hatha Yoga and Meditation (Helena)
£8 (course of 8)
£10 drop in
Qi Gong (Jeff)
£8 (course of 6)
£9 drop in
Taiji (Jeff)
£90 (course of 10)
Iyengar Yoga
£10 (course)
£12 drop in
WednesdayIyengar Yoga
£10 (course)
£12 drop in
Iyengar Yoga (Sigute)
£8 (course of 6)
£10 drop in
ThursdayPilates (Richard)
£7 (course of 10)
£8 drop in
Iyengar Yoga (Alison)
£8 (course of 6)
£10 drop in
Hatha Yoga (Katie)
£8 (course of 10)
£10 drop in
SaturdayIyengar Yoga Workshops (Lindsay)
(alternate weekends)
SundayRestorative Yoga Workshops
Yin Yoga Workshops (Ann)

We have a light and spacious studio upstairs in the centre which is used for a number of classes and workshops.

We are one of the few studios in the area to have a specific focus on Iyengar yoga and have a fantastic team of teachers. We also have weekly classes in vini yoga, yin yoga and core strength vinyasa yoga. Our vini yoga teacher, Charles Cox is also available for one to one sessions.

We have a number of pilates and Qi Gong classes at lunchtime.

Most classes run in terms, although there is often space to drop in and join in the middle of a course. Ring the centre on 01242 584140 to find out more and book a space. Prices for each class are on the timetable

Iyengar Yoga with Lindsay Patterson,  Sigute Barniskyte-KiddAlison Griffin and Val Kenmir

Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, Teen Yoga, Women’s Yoga and Restorative Yoga with Katie Maughfling

Yin Yoga with Ann Morley

Vini Yoga with Charles Cox

Qi Gong and Taiji with Jeff Docherty

Pilates with Richard Ellis 

Hatha Yoga for Women with Helena Hilltout.


Weekend Workshops

Restorative Yoga with Katie Maughfling

See here for Katie’s workshop times and further information.

Yin Yoga with Ann Morley

See here for workshops times and further information.


If you are interested in using our fantastic space for a workshop, we’d love to hear from you. Please call Emma Parker  on  01242 584140.



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