Coronavirus. A Longer View.

Throughout 2020 as the pandemic took such a strong hold on all our lives, the focus was, quite rightly, on reducing hospitalisations and the death toll . Now in 2021, we seem to have turned the corner with the successful roll-out of the vaccine and the unprecedented restrictions on our lifestyles and economy.
We now face many questions and choices going forward on a wide range of issues both personal and society-wide. There are also many health impacts which remain ranging from social anxiety, depression and the myriad of post-covid symptoms.
Post-Covid. Long covid.
Long covid or post covid are terms describing people who have suffered symptoms of unwellness for up to 6 weeks or longer. Post-covid is a serious problem which has dramatically debilitated sufferers for many months and now, for some, over a year. Even those who had relatively mild disease in the first place can go on to develop severe post-covid symptoms. Also, post-covid has not exclusively targeted the old or those with underlying conditions who have made up the large part of the deaths. As many as 10% of 18-49 year olds have reported long covid symptoms.
Many of the common symptoms sufferers are experiencing are the same as other post-viral syndromes or M.E. which have become increasingly recognised over the last 20 years. The most common being debilitating exhaustion and muscle pain. Long Covid also commonly causes reduced breathing capacity as well as many and various other symptoms which have been reported less commonly.
A lot of research and work is now going into trying to successfully shorten the post-covid experience and help a full recovery. Data is being collected and science is learning to recognise the patterns and syndromes consistent with long covid. So far, there is no magic bullet to help suffers recover, but many approaches that can help.
At CHHC, we are proud to be part of this process. As a practitioner of acupuncture, I have worked with a number of patients and have been encouraged by the results. In particular, helping to restore energy levels, breathing capacity, sleep patterns and improvements in mood and motivation.
Why acupuncture helps
Acupuncture works deeply on an energetic level. It has the unique ability to stimulate natural healing by balancing the vital functions of the body and the mind, (rather like finely tuning a complex engine will increase it’s power and efficiency.)  It also induces relaxation and enhances sleep quality, thus enabling the body to restore itself to health more quickly and completely.
“I started having acupuncture last November, to treat my ongoing Long Covid symptoms of exhaustion, pain and extensive breathing difficulties. I contacted Covid19 last April. 
Within a couple of weeks my condition began to stabilise. Since then I have continually improved and am laying down really solid foundations for improved stamina, less pain and much improved respiratory health. 
Eric’s extensive knowledge, care and experience has definitely sped up my recovery. 
I cannot recommend him highly enough.   M.C.”
If you want to chat more about acupuncture and long-covid, Eric would be happy to talk. Just get in touch with us to arrange a call. Or to book an appointment, use our online booking service or call on 01242 584140.
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