First Consultation:Adult£70 (80 mins.)
Child£50(80 mins.)
Further Consultations: Adult£50(40 mins)
Child£40(40 mins)

The Alexander Technique   
First Consultation:Adult£45 (45 mins.)
Child£35(45 mins.)

Clinical Allergy Testing   
ConsultationsAdultfrom £9090 mins
Intolerance testing kitsVarious prices - discuss with Marianne

Massage - Holistic, Aromatherapy or Pregnancy£45(60 mins)
Neal's Yard Remedies Organic Facial£50(60 mins)
Massage - Holistic, Aromatherapy or Pregnancy£80(120 mins)
Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage£40(45 mins)
Back 'Facial'£50(75 mins)
Chakra Aroma Massage£40(45 mins)

Bach Flower Remedies  
First Consultation:£48(60mins. Including remedy)
Further Consultations:To be arranged

Bowen Technique  
Adult Consultation:£48(60 mins.)
Child Consultation:£35(60 mins.)

Cheltenham Trauma Clinic  
Consultation:£100per hour

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Clinical Testing  
Risk AssessmentsComprehensive cardiovascular risk profile

Homocysteine (or the H Factor) 
Free radical levels 

Breast Cancer risk assessment£30
EnergyAdrenal stress index£75
Cellular energy profile 
Comprehensive thyroid assessment
Essential mineral levels £45
DigestionDysbiosis (unbalanced gut bacteria)
Comprehensive digestive stool analysis 
Candida Albicans
Intestinal permeability (leaky gut)
Helicobactor Pylori 
Allergy / Intolerance Acute food allergy
Inhalant allergy screen
Delayed food intolerance / sensitivity
Comprehensive allergy profile£280
Gluten sensitivity£65
Candida albicans

HormonesProgesterone / oestrogen imbalance
Female hormone profile£125
Women’s hormonal health assessment
Toxicity Liver detoxification profile
Toxic mineral test 
Pesticide screen (referral)£70

Colonic Hydrotherapy 
First Consultation:£70
Further Consultations:£70
Herbal implants to help relax/stimulate the colon during the treatment:£5
Wheatgrass Implant£5
Bio Care good bacteria implant£15
Anti-Parasitical implant£5

Craniosacral Therapy   
First Consultation:Adult£45(45 mins.)
Child£35(45 mins.)
Further Consultations: Adult£45
(45 mins.)
Child£35(45 mins.)

Ear Candling  
Consultation:£35(45 mins.)

Emotional Freedom Techniques
Consultation:£40(60 mins.)

Energy Healing  
Consultation:£58(90 mins.)

First Consultation:Adult £75 (90 mins.)
Child (under 16)£55(90 mins.)
Further Consultations:Adult£50(60 mins)
Child (under 16)£45(60 mins)

First Consultation: £45 (45 min)
Further Consultations:£60(60 min)
Hypnotherapy: Relaxation/De-stress£45(60 min)
Stop Smoking Programme£150 (180 mins)

Nutritional Therapy  
First Consultation: £75 (70 mins.)
Further Consultations:£45(40 mins)
Further Consultations:£60(60 mins)

Cranial / Structural Osteopathy   
First Consultation:Adult£60 (60 mins.)
Child£45(30-60 mins.)
Further Consultations: Adult£50(40 mins)
Child£40(40 mins)

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Psychological therapy for Children, Adolescents and Families
£100 per hour for individual families.
Other organizations and types of assessment by arrangement

First Consultation:Adult £45 (60 mins.)
Child£35(45 mins.)
Further Consultations: Adult£40(45 mins)
Child£30(30 mins)

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Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy - David Tabrizi  
First Consultation: £65 (75 mins.)
Further Consultations:£55(50 mins)
£40(25 mins)

Vini Yoga  
First Consultation:£30(up to 75 mins.)
Further Consulatation:£24 (up to 60 mins.)

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