Vini Yoga

vini yoga cheltenham chhcWith its roots in India, Yoga is a traditional discipline involving a variety of techniques. We are familiar with the idea that yoga involves postures and perhaps some aspect of meditation; however, breathing, voice work, diet, study and reflection can all be integral parts of the practice.

Yoga was often taught one-to-one and this is still seen as an important way to explore the discipline.

One-to-one lessons are suitable for people with specific interests or needs where working individually would be more beneficial.

It is also a good way to deepen the effects of yoga by establishing a home practice.


Charles Cox

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  • charles cox chhc cheltenham vini yogaCharles Cox has been studying and practicing yoga with senior teachers in the UK Since 1995. He has completed three years of practitioner training with the AYS (Association for Yoga Studies) and continues to study with his own teacher.
He is registered for teaching with the British Wheel of Yoga.

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    First Consultation:£30 (up to 75 mins.)
    Further Consulatation:£24 (up to 60 mins.)