Age regression with Clinical Hypnotherapy by Haylee Ford

Haylee Ford joined us at CHHC recently. Haylee is a certified and accredited clinical Hypnotherapist with over ten years of experience treating clients with a wide range of different issues. Ranging from anxiety, stress, depression, weight difficulties/eating disorders, and even helping smokers to quit.

She is also imminently completing her psychotherapy training which will soon be available as part of her services. As part of Haylee’s Psychotherapy treatments, she will be offering cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), Dialectical behavioral therapies (DBT), and talking therapies, using a person-centered approach.
Here Haylee provides an overview of Age regression therapy and how it can help you.

Age regression therapy utilizes hypnotherapy to allow access to your subconscious mind for causative events in your longer term memory of your present life.

These causative events created unhelpful emotional residues, limiting beliefs and/or
programmed behaviors which will be addressed with specific age regression therapeutic
techniques during the sessions.

Through Hypnotherapy, you will learn to reframe situations using your own inner wisdom.

The outcome is to resolve your presenting issue, achieve beneficial changes and/or
healing in you.

What is Age regression suitable for?

It is suitable for clients presenting with relevant indications for hypnotherapy, including many emotional, mental, behavioral, and habitual issues, such as:
● Emotional pain of anger, sadness, guilt and regret arising from challenging life situations
● Relationships issues with family, partner, friends and colleagues
● Confidence and self-esteem issues
● Fears, phobias and anxiety etc

Haylee Ford, Clinical Hypnotherapist




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