Spotlight on digestion, food and related symptoms

What you eat is fundamental to your overall health.
If you’re eating foods that your body doesn’t currently receive & process well, this can lead to mental as well as physical problems over time.
Some examples of food related symptoms include:
Brain fog
Joint pain
Low energy/fatigue
Inability to lose weight
Low mood or anxiety
Stomach pains
Constipation and diarrhoea
Eczema, spots or acne
Hyperactivity in children
Did you know that through Kinesiology and food sensitivity testing, you can confirm food intolerances and find out which foods your body is taking on board and absorbing and which foods you’re struggling with?
So finding out which foods may be contributing to these symptoms is key in returning you to full health and wellbeing  .Food testing is simple and non-invasive.   During a session, foods are placed on to the body and a muscle test is carried out. If the muscle weakens we know that particular food is draining the body of energy, or in other words, the body is intolerant to that food.  Food sensitivity testing is always carried out as part of a wider & thorough digestive balancing session.
Our fully trained and qualified Kinesiologists balance the body in a holistic way, ensuring that it’s working at optimal levels to receive, digest, process and use the energy the food has provided. This means addressing any underlying emotional factors, confirming any vitamin or mineral deficiencies and finding the right supplements for your unique case, working on any structural issues and ensuring there is flow in your energy systems.
Jeni practices as a Kinesiologist at CHHC on Tuesdays and Saturdays and has a Kinesiology Foundation course commencing this September.
For more information or to book a Kinesiology appointment with Jeni, email
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