Tai Chi

Originally practised only as a martial art – Tai Chi has evolved to become the greatest single mind and body exercise system in existence. It slowly develops the natural energy, strength and flexibility within us creating a unique system of whole body movement. To do this Tai Chi relaxes the muscles and joints and connects all parts of the body together. This allows the smooth flow of energy within the body and is reflected in effortless body movement. The health benefits of Tai Chi are many:

  • improved physical balance
  • regulates blood pressure
  • improves circulation
  • better postural alignment
  • strengthens muscles
  • improves flexibility
  • increases physical co-ordination
  • focuses the mind

You never stop learning Tai Chi – it is the art of movement and you can continue to practice, improve and appreciate it for the whole of your life.

Class at CHHC:

The class will cover Tai Chi basics and is especially suited to beginners. It will include silk-reeling exercises, standing meditation and form practice.

Olly Leonard

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  •   Olly began learning Chen style Tai Chi in 2004. His interest and intensity has increased greatly over the years.  While he continues to learn and train with Karel & Eva Koskuba (20th generation lineage disciples of the Chen style) he also began teaching classes of his own in 2011 in Gloucestershire. This has proved immensely rewarding and he now teaches several classes weekly in Cheltenham and Gloucester. In 2013 he will graduate from the 3 year Chinese Internal Arts Association Instructors Course.  He is an Instructor Member of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.

  • For more information, visit: www.cheltenhamgloucestertaichi.com or www.facebook.com/CheltenhamGloucesterTaiChi

    Alternatively contact Olly directly on 0750 8686 315

  • Fees: £5 per class

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