Treating the person, not the symptoms – a kinesiology approach with Jeni Howland

Kinesiology is wonderful because it focuses on the WHOLE person rather than treating individual symptoms.

During a session your practitioner will look at ALL the components of your health and wellbeing, such as:

➡️Emotional wellbeing and general stress levels
➡️Physical and structural integrity – bones and joints
➡️Chemical input – skin and cleaning products, medication
➡️Nutritional status – lack and surplus, current food choices, hydration
➡️Electro Magnetic Stress – Bluetooth, wifi, strip lighting
➡️Lifestyle  – work life balance, exercise, hours at work, enjoyment or otherwise

Of course we also want to know what symptoms you are experiencing as these give us clues (like breadcrumbs!) as to the underlying imbalances that need correcting during the session.
We have a range of techniques and muscle tests we can do, but we ALWAYS come back to considering the whole person rather than the symptoms in isolation.
This approach to individual health & wellbeing means that clients who have the same symptoms – let’s say fatigue and low energy – will experience different and UNIQUE outcomes from their first session.
Depending on all of the factors mentioned above and what the body shows us through muscle response testing, one of those clients may be dehydrated and the other may need nutritional support (e.g. enzymes, probiotics) to help them return to normal energy levels.
This WHOLE PERSON approach to health and wellbeing is what sets Kinesiology apart from many other modalities.
You can book an appointment with Jeni Howland on Wednesdays and Saturdays at the Cheltenham Holistic Health Centre
If you have questions about how this therapy might help you then contact Jeni :


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