Yin Yoga

Suitable for all levels, Yin is a slow, relaxed form of yoga where we let gravity do the work for us. We use longer holds in seated and lying postures, to allow deeper layers within our body to be stretched. The slower pace of the class gives an opportunity to explore the meditative aspects of yoga, giving us space to explore techniques such as mindfulness. Yin yoga is a chance to step back from the continual maelstrom of our daily lives and achieve balance, peace and calm.


Ann Morley

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    Ann started yoga in 2003 with a rigorous Ashtanga practice, loving the physical challenge of this style. She immediately appreciated the fun non-competitive self-exploration that yoga encourages.

    Although Ann still practices and loves Ashtanga, she’s broadened her yoga into other styles, from invigorating Dynamic Vinyasa Flow, calmer Hatha Yoga to restful Yin Yoga.

    Ann completed her yoga teacher diploma at Yogacampus, studying with teachers who have a variety of approaches, such as Liz Lark, Richard Freeman, Graham Burns and Sarah Litton.

  • http://www.annmorleyyoga.co.uk/ 
  • Fees: £20 for 2 hour workshop/tab]